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Community Driven EMS Software

LibreEMS is a project who aims to develop a very stable, powerful and extensible Open Source Automotive EMS (Engine Management System), that could be adapted to nearly any internal combustion engine. Our mission is to create a full featured Automotive EMS that can compete with the big dogs. That means all the goodies you would expect from a High End aftermarket ECU for a fraction of the cost.

32x Precision Outputs for Fuel Or Igntion
* No need to batch fire (that includes semi-sequential)
7x High-speed digital inputs
* Crank Sensors
* Cam Sensors
* Speed sensors
* Frequency based MAF sensors
* Flex-fuel sensors
24x Analog Inputs
20+ GPIOs
* Drive anything you need from software
Along with this, we also aim to build a community of knowledgeable experts in the related fields of engine management. We are already have lots in the bag that some of the competition does not, but we still have a ways to go. (See the feature table for details).